On Apathy, Authors and Too Much Driving

My favorite contemporary author, Adam Gopnik, doesn’t drive at all.  Ever.  He doesn’t even know how but it doesn’t matter because he lives in Manhattan.  Almost everything his family requires– schools, grocery stores, museums, parks, zoo, plenty of creative friends and a subway station, is within three blocks of his apartment.  My geographical home– Southern California is almost exactly opposite of this.  Only children or the homeless don’t drive here.

I rarely drive this much but yesterday I drove a total of five and a half  hours. Not all at once, but mostly spread out throughout the day.  I drove my children to summer camp, got them hot soup for lunch, got lost in a town I don’t know well– you get the picture. Cons of so much driving? My brain runs on reduced O2 levels (I can’t prove this), apathy creeps into my psyche like cheap perfume (this I know for sure) and I end the day physically exhausted even though I pretty much just sat.  Pros? My one-year-old logs in tons of beauty sleep and ends up smiley by dinner time. Also, I listen to a lot of audio-books and podcasts– which is totally awesome.

This morning, I listened to bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert talk about how she works.  Listening I felt a smidge envious because she has her routine down (and I don’t). I long for the certainty a proper routine brings a creative person.  Gilbert inspired me to work on my routine again.  I especially want to cut my driving by several hours!

Check out Gilbert’s talk at Big Think below:

Did Gilbert inspire you at all?

Let me know– and if she did, how?